Kriya Yoga Class

11:00 am (EST)

5x week except 

Wednesdays & Sundays

*Thursdays @ 9:00 am

Astrology Studies

Weekly Transit Videos​

Every Sunday Night

Basic / Applied

Astrology Forum

7-9pm EST

First Saturday of Month

Recorded Live



LIVE daily classes for Free!  This community means the World ! It is such a sacred group of beautiful people. If you are able help and support us by your donations or by becoming a Patreon, Contributor. Thank you so much! 

If you are not able to donate, but you attend classes everyday because you feel the value and you love the energy, please know in your heart and spirit how much YOU are appreciated for showing up each day for without YOU this truly could not happen! 
You showing up each day, is what keeps Me going.

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Astrology Studies are available through any of the three Astrology Patreon Tiers.


Study the weekly astrology transits from the provided Home-Study Videos each week!

In *Basic you begin to understand the basic building blocks of your astrology chart, compared to the video's 'natural' chart as you follow the Moon's transits through the houses and the signs for that week. 


In *Applied you get the entire transit video with all major planet aspects to track and interpret.  


All Students gain free admission to attend THE ASTROLOGY FORUM each month!

Weekly Video Release 

Every Sunday Night



Participate in this monthly Astrology Forum for Students of Astrology on Patreon and for Guests in the community of online studies and exploration. 

The FORUM is a place for us to come together in a casual dialogue and reflection on the astrology transits, asking deeper questions about the meaning of astrology, witnessing together the powerful influence and healing it has on us all!


I will be sharing the screen-share of the current astrology chart with the color diagramming, as we engage in group discussion.

You will receive the Astrology Workbook as a Supportive Tool to better Understand Astrology. Use it!

Astrology Forum Dates  1st Saturday of month

@7:00- 9:00 pm (EST)

Awaken Studies

​Daily Yoga Classes

Anatomy Of Healing & Astrology Classes





A truly dynamic combination of experiential tools for Soul-Evolutionary lifestyle principles and application!

1) Practicing Yoga daily brings incredible benefit to our overall well being!

2) Track & study the weekly astrology transits in the Sunday Night Transit Video.

3) Learn Energy Healing through the Anatomy Of Healing Material. 

With two weekly LIVE classrooms; one focused on the astrology, the other focused on the AOH material. 


Integrating the yoga practice with the current astrology transits and the energy awareness and healing.

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*Check Patreon Classes Page for exact schedule. 

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