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Kriya Yoga

11:00 am (est)

5x week except 

Wednesdays & Sundays

Prayer Group

5:30 pm (est)


Astrology Class

6:00 pm (est)



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This community means the World ! It is such a sacred group of beautiful people. If you are able help and support us by your donations or by becoming a Patreon, Contributor.

Thank you so much! 

If you are not able to donate, but you attend classes everyday because you feel the value and you love the energy, please know in your heart and spirit how much YOU are appreciated for showing up each day for without YOU this truly could not happen! 
You showing up each day, is what keeps Me going.

~ I love you all ~


Join us in a small intimate prayer group every Tuesday. 


We pray in the love and authority given in Christ. We consider ourselves and this prayer group as being 'outside any and all religious indoctrinations'. 


We humbly call upon the Holy Spirit in Christ for healing. 


Participants are invited to share part of their personal journey to create an intimate setting for deep community healing.  Or to simply enjoy and  listen, hold loving space for others.


Come study astrology as we take a look each week at the astrology transits and discus our findings during our class time together on Mondays! 


Class time is for beginners and intermediate students of astrology. 


Meet great and wonderful people, learn together as we explore the astrology charts of the students of the intermediate studies.  


Registration for these classes are on a monthly basis.  

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