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Stretching & Strengthening Daily Exercise
& Breathing Class

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LIVE daily classes for Free!


The Daily Exercise Class is a 'Stretching & Strengthening' 45 min class with 'Focused Breathing & Meditation'.


Uploaded daily, practice at your own time while also supporting a great cause!

Thank You!

Current Schedule






Things to Consider for Class, whether you are a beginner or experienced. 

*Exercise Class is not a competition sport, but rather a personal healing practice which should bring you to your personal physical threshold, but not beyond.


*The postures are suggested for physical strengthening and stretching, and we recommend that you move at your own pace with the freedom to move more quickly or more slowly.


*Measure your speed accordingly and pace yourself depending on how you feel that day. 


*The breathing exercises are designed to increase overall wellness, support natural detoxification, and are used as stress reducer.

*The breathing exercises are in honor of God's breath in us. 

*Each class is a different sequence of physical exercises day-to-day.

*The daily meditation is focused on bringing harmony, radiance and God's message to us for our day.

Most importantly, have Fun!

Cant attend the LIVE Classes? 
Join while you support on Patreon. 

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