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Inner Retreat

Inner Retreat

Consider this your private personal spiritual retreat with Magali, in the Smokey Mountains.
The 'Inner Retreat' is exclusively available to those involved in the work of awakening.
Whether through astrology, healing or shadow work.  You must already be currently or
in the past, in an existing working relationship with Magali.

This experience is for the individual who is ready to take a 2-4 day immersion into their own 'next step' in self-healing and self-initiation.  Temporarily removed from the 'outside world' distractions, arriving to this work with the intention of quieting the 'mindset chatter' of ordinary living.  A deeper self awareness
begins to emerge through the time spent together with Magali, in deeply intentional
dialogue exchanges, and the personal healings, experienced over the days. 

It is a space of sacred discovery, experienced in an atmosphere of personally casual, yet deeply
reflective and genuine exchange.  You will collaborate with Magali to co-create your time and space in
an experience, to specifically support your personal spiritual needs at this time of your life
and in your current process. 

You will receive bodywork sessions which constitute a combination of skills and techniques such as deep tissue emotional release, shamanic power journeying, and energy healing with specific focus on your current energetic assessment.  Participate in Kundalini Yoga Kriya, which is a combination of intentional movement, meditation, breathwork and mental focus.

Weather permitting, there are hiking trails and other possible nature/element gatherings or Waterfall Hikes!  Again, you will be collaborating this time together in a co-creative experience.  

Consider this 'Inner Retreat' if you are looking for spiritual guidance,
energy healing & wholeness integration.

  To request a phone dialogue with Magali to consult this opportunity further,
please fill out the form below.

Thank you~

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