How will Jupiter in Scorpio be expressed into the outer world where secretes and mysterious energies are exposed, called-out, and even possibly expanded. Planet JUPITER expands all that it touches and with Scorpio it touches us deeply in the 'SOUL of our affairs and desires!'  We will be taken to the place where we can offer our SOUL Transformation into the fire, the core of our being and release the manipulations we have placed ourselves into. The plot thickens... Desire will reach a new Power! Burning of Karma! Or Passionately creating new ones!

 Two generations come to mind with this Jupiter transit into Scorpio:

 Firstly, those born from 1974-1981 who have planet URANUS in Scorpio;

known as the Indigos.    

Secondly, those born from 1983-1995 who have planet PLUTO in SCORPIO;

known as the Millennials.  

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