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Kriya-to-Christ Yoga Classes :

Participate in this life-changing daily practice in yoga, with breathing techniques that will increase your lung capacity, bring more oxygen to your brain, detoxify your blood, cleans your organs, revitalize you energetically by bringing flexibility to your spine in gentle techniques with progressive advanced adjustments.   Kriya-to-Christ Yoga is an excellent technique, when practiced daily and with regularity, to bring positive physiological to enhance your overall well being.

Receive the daily uploaded Kriya-to-Christ Class Recording for your viewing participation as your schedule permits.  Classes are given five days a week. Enjoy the past video archives as well! 

Some beneficial effect of ongoing yoga: 

Reduce negative stress in nervous system.

Increase blood flow to organs.

Experience more restful night sleep.

Allow better nutritional absorption. 

Bring homeostasis - 'balance' to your body naturally.

Increase flexibility and suppleness to limbs and tissue.

Decrease depression and lethargy.

Increase overall sense of positivity and lightness in attitude towards life.

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(Five X/week : 11:00 am (est) Except Wednesdays & Sundays

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