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To Access Your Videos on Your Patreon Tier

(Follow these instructions)

1) Click on image below to be redirected to the Patreon Platform.

2) Click on Filter by tier.

3) Scroll Down Menu & select Your Tier.

4) All Tier videos will be available.

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Join the Patreon Community!

A Tribe in Healing, Astrology, Yoga & Meditation

With four tiers to choose from, one's got to be the right one for You.

 Tier 1 

Basic Astrology  receive the weekly Lunar Transit Video!  Gives you the time to slowly learn your natal chart by observing the movement of the moon through your chart for the week. 


 Tier 2 

Applied Astrology  is for the student of astrology who already is versed in their natal chart, house placements and familiar with planetary rulerships, etc. You receive the complete weekly transits video!


 Tier 3 

Kriya Yoga  participate in the LIVE classes 5X a week or at your own time in this rejuvenating 45 min yoga class, with focus on breathwork, stretching and strengthening the core, spine and overall wellness and healing.


 Tier 4  

Awakening Studies you get access to the Weekly Transit Astrology Video each Monday, uploaded Live Daily Astrology Yoga classes, the Anatomy Of Healing ongoing energy healing training, two LIVE classrooms per week (*most Mondays@7pm & Saturdays@1pm EST), access on the website to the two Tutorial Pages for Astrology & AOH with tons of informative videos, workbooks and diagrams referenced and used weekly in our LIVE classrooms together!


*All Astrology Tiers include access to the Astrology Tutorial Website Page

& Access to the Monthly Forum

*Awakening Studies Tier includes access to both the Astrology & the Anatomy of Healing Tutorial Website Pages & two LIVE classrooms per week (*most Mondays@7pm & Saturdays@1pm EST).


INSTRUCTIONS on getting & using the Website Passwords for Astrology & AOH Tutorial Pages

*Please take the time and read these instructions carefully, if you need further assistance contact me by email

or by phone and I will be happy to assist you. 

1) Once you are subscribed to one of the Patreon Tiers of your choice, with your monthly subscription,

you have access to the video content on that Patreon Tier. 

2) In the weekly ASTROLOGY VIDEOS;

you receive the PASSWORD to access the Astrology Tutorial Website Page.

3) In the AOH VIDEOS;

you receive the PASSWORD to access the AOH Tutorial Website Page.  

*The password changes at the beginning of each month.

*It is your responsibility to write down the password in order to access the Website Tutorial Pages for the month.

*The Website Tutorial Pages contain the 'library content' of workbooks, videos, images, etc for your studies

and are referenced back to in the Patreon videos, and in the classrooms.

INSTRUCTIONS on getting the Monthly AOH Zoom Link for Monday & Saturday classes 

*The AOH CLASSROOM ZOOM LINK is given on a separate Patreon Post; once a month, before the first Monday Class of the month. It is titled 'AOH PASSWORD & ZOOM LINK'.

Updated Classroom Calendar for Awakening Studies Students


*Mondays @7pm (Astrology Focused) NO CLASS 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

*Saturdays @1pm (AOH Focused) 2nd & Astro Forum @7pm, 9th, NO CLASS 16th & 23rd, 30th@3pm!!!


*Mondays @7pm (Astrology Focused) 2nd, NO CLASS 9th, 16th, 23rd, NO CLASS 30th

*Saturdays @1pm (AOH Focused) 7th & Astro Forum@7pm, 14th, 21st, 28th


*Your classroom zoom links are given in the Awakening Studies Patreon Tier video description.