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Astrology December 21st MYSTIC WINTER ARRIVES with a SURPRISE!

SUN enters Capricorn giving us a sober, yet purposeful and disciplined attitude towards our life and worldly tasks. The messenger MERCURY is retro and moving backwards to meet the SUN on DEC 28th at 8* Capricorn... A message awaits our arrival! Keep your ears open! THE MOON connects to Jupiter in Libra and opposes URANUS in ARIES! Someone doesnt want to see the elephant in the room... Libra wants beauty and peace; Aries wants to *explode and expose*!... all this with a loss yet powerful square to PLUTO: DEEP (and often times uncomfortable Transformation!) MARS is PISCES allows us to dive into the mystic healer's realms... but only if we appreciate the purpose of the pendulum swing!

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