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Mars is in Pisces from Dec 20th 2016 - Jan 29th 2017! This is the 2-year cycle of the planet Mars... In Pisces the *Warrior Planet* goes invisible and it's powers are dealt, felt and delivered through the mystic veil that separates dimensions. MARS is NOW Conjuncting with SOUTH NODE in Pisces..... Wether we realize it or not, the battle, the power and the karma is all being played out in the invisible realms... at least to the mortal eye! Deeply intuitive, psychic and sensitive individuals are going to feel these energies as they flurry around us and through us, influencing and piercing our consciousness awake or in dreamland! Karma is being played out! Make no mistake about this! The greater question is, *How are you handling it this time around?* See in your own personal astrology chart and find where Pisces reins!

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