With the planet of love, beauty and money entering the sign of deep spirituality, healing and artistic realms, we can be sure to find ourselves in the depths of magical creatures, love affairs form the depths of the abyss where reality and dreamlands blend into the canvas of our creations imagined and intuited. There is caution here to discover where a lover, ideal or fantasy is not exactly what they appear themselves to be! This is the Magician's territory and fancies are flying low and high! The tricksters are abound, looking for their mates... we may be fooled, followed and bewitched! Best to keep your wits! Venus will enter Pisces on January 4th and stay until February 4th allowing us four weeks to get lost in the realms of the sirens! Who is tricker than that under the good ol' Pirate's hat!? Come first half of April and we will revisit these affairs, tooth and hair! With venus's retrograde!