Once a year the Star Sun and the Planet Pluto meet in our skies! The greatest of the Light and the greatest of the Darkness conjoin.... needless to say this is a Power Day! The sun shines onto the face of the depths of darkness. This is a day of exposing, illuminating and confronting the hidden shadows in our wold government, and in our personal power dynamics. We will most likely be seeing, if not directly involved with power struggles, power manipulations and corruptions, however small or large. Take note to the potency of this time as a reminder to do the Plutonian work of releasing all that does not serve you! Consider Pluto a Cosmic Surgeon with an invisible scalpel. However, where we have reached temporary enlightenment; personally or globally, we will meet our power and it's true purpose! For where there is the true power, the temptations to control others, manipulate, seduce or corrupt those in what is perceived to be in a state of disempowerment, becomes undesirable and hurtful to the soul. Self Empowerment and responsibility is achieved.

This is the day after the Planet Mercury stations to go direct at Sagittarius 28*. Mercury will reach *out of shadow* by the 29th of January when the planet reunite with Pluto! Message Delivered!

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