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Full Moon Cancer January 12th with Maga!

The first FULL MOON of 2017 is here and it is a doozie of a event! The full moon at home in the sign of cancer will be opposing the sun, pluto and mercury (now direct)! This on it's own is profound for bringing emotional *balance* to issues of home securities, emotional needs and safety. The moon in cancer will prove to be very deep and direct in our self expression around our nurturance with powerful psychic insight! The power of this pluto opposition is in self-empowerment & discipline that can initiate us into a new direction forward. Power dynamics are always indicated with pluto in the picture, and this full moon in cancer creates the cardinal grand cross of Change! The second axis line in this grand cross is between Jupiter in Libra (domestic and global relations) and Uranus (finally direct) in Aries (the liberation and innovative power in the people)! The cosmic gears are shifting and we are gong to know this directly!

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