Mars in Aries Jan 29.17

We are anticipating the arrival of the planet Mars in its home sign of Aries! Every two years Mars journeys fully through the zodiac to; stirs the pot, dishevels the comfortable, arouse the sense of bodily pleasures, provoke confrontation in a most bashful and trigger-happy way, to name a few... Planet Mars' influence in each sign is experienced very uniquely, and as one of the most powerful of the *personal planets*, Mars is finally coming home where its powers of innovation, forward movement, self-assertion, physical drive and determination are going to come as second nature! The last time Mars arrived in Aries was March 23, 2015, now on January 29th 2017, Mars will arrive and stay here until March 10th 2017. Take charge! Be proactive in your vision for your future! This is a time to be brave, courage and maybe even a little crazy!

On a cautionary note, we will all be provoked, confronted and possibly aggressed by others (who hold a strong Mars or Aries energy) or with this type of energy found within our own self! Lucky, Mars' lover Miss Venus is on fast pursuit after him and will arrive in Aries first week of February! The natural lovers of the zodiac (Mars & Venus) are traveling once again through the same sign together. In january you could see them traveling through the sign of Pisces together, and boy was this energetically, emotionally and psychically challenging as well as creatively and artistically and musically inspiring! However, in the sign of Aries this dynamic duo has a completely different song and dance! It is the beginning...

On February 25th, Mars will conjoin Uranus in Aries and be in opposition to (retro) Jupiter across the chart in Libra! Big awakening of the individual through relational dynamics!!! Personally and Globally! The days leading up to and the days moving away from February 25th are best used in a creative, self liberating and grounding way! The Opposition is being T-Squared to Pluto in Capricorn (Who governs you? Where are your power plays? What manipulates you? What is your relationship to Self-Empowerment?) The fireworks are going to go OFF! and so are the ammunitions, engines, electricity and dynamite! These energies are equally as creative as they are destructive! Take an extra 10 deep breaths, most of all stay grounded in yourself and know your triggers before they bite you in the arss!