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The planet Mercury stationed to go retrograde back on December 19th at 16* of Capricorn, since then, the planet has moved back into the sign of Sagittarius where it stationed to go direct at 28*. On January 28th, Mercury the messenger of the gods will reach its *out of shadow* phase and reach Pluto!

This points us into the information that we have gathered since the retrograde back in December with the significant direct point of 28* Sagittarius... (Wait until April 6th when Saturn stations to go retrograde at this exact degree! No Coincidences Here Baby!!)

Timelines have shifted, perspectives have been adjusted, a course-correction has been experienced, however currently known to us this is or not! Mercury has been relaying a message back and forth between Pluto and Saturn; aka, Power & Integrity! By the 28th of January, the great messenger has fully and dutifully done its job! Message delivered!

Just take a moment here to look back at how some deeply important information, conversations, or bits of knowledge have come about in your life. The significance of the adjustments you have had to make in respect and accordance to these newly discovered energies and insights. As your mind has been open and receptive, you are well on your way to a more self-empowered expression of your true power.

However, these energies can bring up unconscious darkness in our power dynamics and circumstances that could seem absolutely unfair, where we can experience our self as powerless against all odds! After all, Pluto is the Lord of the Underwold! and he doesn't rest... Therefore, hidden darkness, manipulations, seductions, dominance over another and darker intents can be easily deal with at this time! How have you arrived to release these possible attachments within your own reality? This was the intent of planet Mercury's retrograde back in December....

The Highest vibration of these energies is true self-empowerment and profound powers of transmutation. However subtle or dynamic these energies are expressing themselves, the transformation is deep and Soul-Lasting!

(Follow Mama-Maga on the Daily Download & The Month-Ahead Subscription Pages and Stay Informed!) MM~

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