Anatomy Of Healing 4-Day Intensive! June 13th-16th

Astrology, Pearls Of Awareness, Bodywork, Breathwork, Guided Meditation & Hands-On Application!

Maga began teaching Anatomy of Healing (AOH) in 2009 during the Circle Of lights Meditation Group in Miami, Fl. Since then, Maga has delivered the AOH material in-person through the AOH Training and in the OnLine version through the annual 5 Month Membership (5MM).

In June of 2017, you have the opportunity to work with Maga in this 4-Day Intensive in-person intensive, where you will be exposed to the material of *Activating the Light Body from Within*! We take the understanding of the 7 chakra system and move into a higher dimensional resonance of the 3 pearls of consciousness; the Red Pearl, AquaMarine Pearl & Silver Pearl.

During the live in-person training you will receive the AOH Workbook. After completing the Intensive, you have the option of continuing to working through this material with Maga by signing-on to the 3 Month Membership!

The Red Pearl is that of grounding into our soul's purpose here in our lives! The Incarnation Point, the activation at a cellular level that all is in Divine Alignment because we come from Divine Alignment... Conception is Divine Alignment, the moment the father's Sperm Cell penetrates the mother's Egg, the paradigm 1+1=3 is manifested!

(Listen to the 5 min Red Pearl intro audio here...)

The AquaMarine Pearl is that of Cosmic Love Radiance coming through the sphere of time! The center of the heart chakra and the breath into the heart chakra from the backside is the breath of the ancestors breathing through us! The cosmic radiance of love is an energy bandwidth that the dolphins and whales help ground into this planet, for they are our cosmic

cousins. In the AquaMarine Pearl, time and space bends into a sphere of light and we see and experience ourselves as our living ancestors from past and future alike.

(Listen to the 5 min AquaMarine Pearl intro audio here...)

The Silver Pearl takes us into the pineal gland and connects us to our oversoul journey through the lifetimes we have experienced! With a Stellar or Cosmic Star Family perspective, we are aided in bringing more balance, beauty, understanding and grace to the complexity of being human. We can choose to connection to our Over Soul Family and to the other-dimensional aspects of our self that live beyond this 3D plane of reality. In the Silver pearl, this is explored!

(Listen to the Overview of AOH here...)

To register for the Anatomy Of Healing 4-Day Intensive, please call Maga by phone or email her to set up your interview phone consultation. A phone interview is necessary and a prerequisite to participation. Thank you for your cooperation!

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