Stellar Chakra Activation! Feb 20th & 21st!

February 20th & 21st explore the journey of the 7 chakras in this 2 day workshop with Maga! Start the day off with a guided meditation with Maga's downloading information, followed by the explanation of the chakras as they show up in your own life, relationships, health, career and spiritual connections.

We will be looking at the energetic relations of the current astrology (planets & signs) to our body, emotions and current life decisions. The Sun will be conjoining the south node in Pisces, bringing us directly into the shadow of the wounding for deep awareness and profound healing opportunities! For the month of January we have had this deeply emotional exposure to our (personal & collective) subconscious attachments to the narrative that perpetuates the painbody experience!

The deep mystic healing from January is coming to its culmination February 20th & 21st as the SUN connects to the healing opportunity of the south node! The Universe and the cosmic energies are supporting deep healing during the Stellar Chakra Activation!

To Sign-Up for this workshop experience, or if you have questions regarding the workshop, please contact Maga or visit​

Below is the image for the February Workshop Astrology Chart!