February Eclipses in Leo & Pisces

Fast moving February is a month packed with a *Punch for Change! In February, not only do we have the planet Mars arriving in home in Aries, quickly approached by Venus, and a jupiter retrograde, but we have the arrival of the new series of eclipse energies! Eclipses engage us in powerful change through a process of releasing; to be Eclipsed-out. The proposed energies seem to disappear or vanish out of our lives.

On february 11th we see the first one in the Leo Eclipse series (at 22* of Leo). The heart and how we shine our light and love is going to be adjusted, allowing us to find a deeper meaning to our generosity, expansion and our dazzling limelight. The Sun in the sign of Aquarius is in opposition to this Leo Full Moon Eclipse. The tension between these two signs of Leo and aquarius brings to our attention the possible motives and to the inner correction in being able to better deliver the Sun's light (The natural ruler of the sign Leo.) in our lives into a more Aquarian projection for the community and in our humanitarian efforts. The Leo eclipse can also have us in powerful ego defenses, drama explosions and competitiveness in who gets front and center stage! The healing of the leo shadow is for this archetype to discover the true source of light and love from within the true self, the true heart and without needing the expected praise and admiration of one's fans or entourage. Leo is an extremely generous sign who loves to be the provider to others in love, creativity, support and freedom of expression. There is a deep need for loyalty to Leo's exchange and generous offerings, and it is held in Leo's high regard.

The Leo eclipse is asking for a deeper freedom of expression where the generosity is not only used for the leo's natural self grandiosity (one of Leo's gift and shadows) but towards the pursuit of a more collective humanitarian support towards community equality and the survival of the tribe, by the tribe and not solely by *the king*.

At the same time of this Leo Lunar eclipse of February 11th, there will be an activated grand fire trine in the sky to Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius! Creativity will run high, expansion, explosion, self-expression and dynamic insights with powerful instinctive impulses will run very high! Use these energies wisely!

As if this weren't enough, we have the third cosmic phenomenon in the skies in the form of a YOD; The Finger of God is pointing from 22* of Leo (the Eclipse) and 22*Jupiter in Libra to 22* of Pisces where Chiron sits. (Some astrologers will not consider this a YOD as it involves Chiron; not a planet.) The YOD brings us into the deep healing water of the Wounding Archetype. The invitation here is to go towards the wounding, not to grandise it, but to acknowledge its existence and to bring less resistance or denial of these deeply piscean energies of confusion, neglect or self-doubt, to ultimately transmute through healing.

For the entire month of January, we explored the chiron wounding archetype when the planets Mars and Venus conjoined Chiron (and squared saturn). Profound mystic healing is available for those who have the courage to traverse such mysterious, unknown realms. This mystical journey is only being accentuated with the January 26th Solar Eclipse in Pisces (The last of one the Pisces/Virgo axis line) with the Sun, Moon and the South Node! Let's wrap this one up, put a silk bow on it and bless it done! We are finishing the last 18 months of the Piscean eclipses!

For the February Month ahead video forecasts for each of the 12 signs, please subscribe to the Month Ahead Page!

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