Jupiter Retrograde Feb 6 - June 10th

Our relationship dynamics are important in our lives as they can show us how we are seen and experienced through the lense of the other. Jupiter in Libra wants to bring advancement and luck through all our relations, with traveling abroad, encounters with foreigners, and philosophies that we have not yet possibly known. Jupiter wants big opportunity through the hands of others and through us for others as well. Luck, fairness, opportunity, balance and justice are being called upon during Jupiter's transit through the sign of the; scales of justice, the courts, law and the judge! Jupiter in Libra can also bring out a grandiose sense of style, the finer arts, theatre, museums and the finer things in life!

Jupiter arrived in the sign of the scales on September 9th 2016 and will remain until September of 2017. In the meantime, and just around the corner, Jupiter stations to go retrograde at 23* of Libra until it reaches 13* of Libra on June 10th where it will station to go direct through the sign once again! During this retrograde phase, the planet is inverting the natural powers of luck, travel and opportunity! There is a call to move inwardly as we reflect on *The Nature of the Law of our Relations* and where justice, equality and fairness are needed. There is an adjustment that is required before we can more properly moved ahead on a global as well as in our personal pursuits.

The Jupiter retrograde is sextiled by Saturn in sagittarius (Jupiter's natural ruler.) and there is yet still luck on our side, as long as we follow the *Natural Law of our Integrity and Higher Mind Truth* where restrictions, limitations and responsibility hold the key to our ability to walk our talk, do the hard work and make the commitment!

Sitting across the round table from Jupiter is Uranus in Aries... and Mars! There will be upheaval. Passions will fly hard and strong, there will be a strengthening of the individual will, need to survive and have one's way. Uranus is breaking the traditional law and status quo, erupting the avoided elephant in the room and exposing the fantasy and wish-washy energies in our dynamics.

This axis line between Jupiter retrograde in Libra and Mars with Uranus in Aries is being T-Squared by Pluto in Capricorn.... Lord of the underworld where all is suppressed, controlled, and manipulated into the realms of the subconscious. Uranus, since 2010 has been exploding the hidden realms of our power structures and the misleading foundations of government and of the political-banking elite. Plutonian energies, once recognized bring about a transformational change that alters and awakens you to the Soul! Nothing can resist Pluto's power! Whether Pluto is used through ill-intention and darkness or Pluto is being used for the transmutation of the ultimate repressor!

Jupiter retrograde gives us all the opportunity to expose the hidden elephant in the bedroom, office, kitchen, courtroom, living room, classroom, etc , to bring a deeper understanding and opportunity for balance and justice to be in into all our dynamics and to cut loose the old ways of control, allowing for the new paradigm relationship to be established.

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