Venus Rx March 4th at Aries 13*

On March 4th 2017, the planet Venus will appear to be going backwards in our night skies as she is launched into her once in every 18 month retrograde phase. Since she will only finish her retrograde phase and station to go direct from the 26th* of Pisces on April 15th... allowing us to go back in time in all our Venusian Affairs (Of the heart, as well as of money) that we engaged in around January 28th & 29th. These energies will be brought up for review! An adjustment in our perspective where possible hidden motives are exposure, and all cards put on the table!

The planet Venus is known for her beauty, powers of attraction, financial gains and love! But we must not forget that as in all of nature, the greatest of Lights can casts the greatest of Shadows. And so it is also true for our dearest Venus! During this retrograde period, there is a type of reversal in her powers to persuade mankind in kindness, love and gentleness.

Relationship conducts and the deeper questions surrounding our love partnerships will be in question. Who do we love? Why do we love who and what we love? Are our needs being meet in this dynamic? What new perspective is being uncovered in our experience of love? Venus moving retrograde in the sign of Aries brings a freshness to our stance in love, an awakening in what love really means to us. There is something hidden or from our past that Venus wants us to see and admit to.

Whatever has been swept under the rug, denied, or avoided needs our attention and Venus retrograding here can cause quite a stirr.... Here, the Goddess of Love trurns ferocious as she willingly heads into the dark realms of the underworld, and she is not afraid! What she will uncover, needs our attention!

On another note, Venus retrograde can have us in our luxuries and comforts to the max! Where we might feel to completely fall into a drunken stupor; literally! In love or in overdosing on a bliss addiction! However, if taken correctly, this can be a great time for deep inner insight, self-care, time spent alone to rejuvenate the body and the senses, or time spent going to a silent meditation retreat... This is a fantastic time for lovers and artists who want time to self-reflect through the hidden realms of inner majesty and divine appreciation.

Finance is also on the table for review where financial agreements can turn out to not be exactly as promised, having you reconsider your values in your investments. Relationships that begin in a venus retrograde most likely will experience a fall-out, but this story depends on the persons involved and whether it is a *review fall-out* or a permanent end. Venus retrograde does bring the past karma in love for us to see... and so more likely this is the reappearance of a love or lover from the past, and this is Venus' way of allowing the dynamic to resolve, review and make the avoided adjustment before both parties are free of Venus' duties.

At the time of her retrograde on March 4th, Venus' lover Mars will have just passed over Uranus (the chaotic and unpredictable) and will have squared Pluto (the hidden realms of power). Mars is up to something here and the fireworks, as well as the bombs and explosives are going off!! The tension in the air is that of power struggles and shadow dynamics.... something to consider. Profound changes are coming in our own ability to recognize what love truly means to us on a personal and individuated (Aries) awareness. It will be revealed to all of us how one uses the powers of attractiveness in honor of self, and in respect and fairness with the other/or the relation.

Opposite the chart in Libra we still have the planet Jupiter retrograde in our relationships, again bringing the focus of our attention to the balancing act and justice seeking of Libra! Mars will be shooting from the hip in unpredictable ways and Venus, his lover, she is pivoting in the opposite direction, knowing that something was left behind and she is going to go dig it up for us!

Good riddance, as if that were not enough, we have a fire trine from Mars in Aries to Saturn Sagittarius! The powers of Mars are fed up with an old status quo that is being exposed (if not exploded) and our integrity and truths in Sagittarius are holding us to our word, deed and karma! Powerful energies of truth are being revealed!

Venus will finally finish her retrograde by April 15th at 26* of Pisces, when she moves direct and once again passing over the first half of the Sign of Aires for her third and final sweep through! Now we are clear in love, money, beauty and the message of Venu's travel into the darker realms has exposed the hidden... it has all come to pass as she reaches her out-of-shadow phase by May 18th and reaches 13* Aries.

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