Live Webinar Q&A with Maga!

Astrology News LIVE Q&A for the week of February 13th. The first of the Leo/Aquarius Eclipses has just begun as we saw Yesterday's FULL MOON LEO ECLIPSE... Although not physically obvious, energetically we are initiated into a 18 month cycle where LOVE is place front and center stage! How we Love, why we love, who we love, what our definitions and experiences of LOVE have been. Leo is Ruled by the SUN; aka The Star! Opposite the Star sits Chaos, Change and being done with *this* status quo. What does this all mean?! A Fire Trine, and a YOD.... We are in a an Eclipse Window... it closes on February 26th with the last of the Virgo-Pisces TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE! Wrap it up and ship it out!