Black Moon Lilith Enters Sagittarius! February 14th - November 9th 2017

Wherever Truth has been hidden, all of the great illusions must first be exposed... Philosophically explored, physically experienced and passionately and deeply known! For then, and only then, can the Truth that has always resided within, no longer be denied by the True Self. Check Mate!

Boy are we in for a treat... that's if you like a dose of truth medicine, spirit adventure, powerful sexuality and mystical eroticism! On February 14th (aka Valentine's Day) seductive and powerfully exposing Black Moon Lilith (BML) steps out of the sign Scorpio, where she has been traveling through since May 21st 2016 stirring deep within us the dark and hidden passions of power, intimacy, possessiveness and the desires of the psyche and of the soul! Lilith now enters the sign of Sagittarius where we our energies are brought out of hiding and secretiveness. We are free to travel abroad physically or metaphorically to explore and entice the fiery energies that awaken our spirits into Truth!

Black Moon Lilith in the sign of Sagittarius brings out our adventurous side with a dose of sexual appetite for the out-of-reach, free-spirited temptations. The greatest love affair ever experienced while on a train, plane or on an exotic expedition to a foreign land, with an exotic foreigner never to be seen again! These energies come with an edge of mystery, danger and speed, ready to move and challenge us. To expose and to be exposed to the deepest parts of oneself; hidden and unknown!

There is a truth that is awaiting its climax into existence, but first the illusions of untruths must be seen, tasted and met. Deceptions of the flesh and of the mind, must be first experienced and recognized. Deceit and dogmas; unearthed and eradicated. False teachers and prophets exposed and juried! For then, and only then does Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius deliver the oneness of truth from within. To bring forth trust in; knowledge, intuition, faith and spiritual insight of integrity....

That all that has ever disillusioned us, betrayed us, mislead us away from what we have always innately known to be true within and about our self, was assisting us to see how and where we betrayed our own truth, and that in our own spiritual truth, exists all that we truly need.

Seekers, teachers, philosophers and mystics will come out of the woodworks... We must explore all that is given, to discern deeply from within the core of our beingness and stand true to the knowledge that resides within. This is the source of the true futuristic vision that Sagittarius can so easily connect to. The genuine from the charletine will