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Pisces Solar Eclipse February & Sun Conjoins Neptune in Pisces~

Over the last 18 months, Pisces eclipses have stirred the subconscious realms of powerful mysteries and deep healing. With a heavy dose of bliss, unconditional love, unity consciousness and compassions, we have had challenges that softened our armoring, opened our consciousness and released pain pattern attachments back out to Sea.

Where heavy karmic lessons may have confronted us into a corner of a much needed reality-check, the mystic realms of Pisces were awoken within the collective unconscious and in our our own private affairs. Profound healing, with the dissolving of the old structures and of the old subconscious narratives; however silent or denied. We have had the potential to dissolve our self into the mystic realms of pure transformation.

The Pisces wounding is in the false concept and belief that we are separate from Source, from our divine nature and origin. This spiritual wounding has been greatly sustained over the last several thousands of years by man's need to introduce and uphold organize religion with an almost constant fear-based premise of punishment, sin and guilt, as the foundation in life and in our salvation in the afterlife. The collective holds this wounding deeply hidden in the subconscious. To profoundly awaken to the reality of Unitive Consciousness within the human race as well as beyond in the extended relationship we have into the cosmos, this is a passageway through the Pisces healing that the last 18 months has granted us.

Every 18 years we repeat a certain ecliptic axis line between two opposing signs. The Pisces-Virgo Eclipse axis prior to the one we are now culminating, occurred in the years of 1998 and 1999. We will not experience the Virgo-Pisces Eclipse axis line again until the year 2025.

In February of 2012 the ruling planet of Pisces, Neptune arrive in its home sign for the first time in 164 years. Neptune will stay at home in the sign of Pisces until 2025; just as we begin the next Pisces-Virgo Eclipse season! Neptune is the planet of illusion as well as spirituality! This is where addictions, escapism and deceit are hidden in the shadow realms of this nebulous magician. Solid structures, concepts, relations and beliefs that have been in place over time and over cycles, and that have occupied the rational within our own minds are slowly eroded by Neptunes powers of persuasion and dissolve.

As easily as Neptune can dissolve and eliminate the structures of a perhaps a bank account, a home, or a damn, and boundaries, so can it be with the dissolve of cancer, illness, limited beliefs, fear of death and relations or spiritual orders whose time has come to be released.

Neptune dissolves all that it touches. It can dissolve truths as well as lies, fears as well as hopes, securities as well as life! To the mystic this is a *Known*, to the artist, musician, poet, healer, psychic and dreamer, Neptune and the Piscean Eclipses of the last 18 months has proven life changing, soul evoking and reality shifting!

These archetypal languages speak to the magicians, the mystic in us all... Where we allow ourselves to erode and shapeshift into a new form of expression and of experience. With this much confusion and disbelief can also lead us into not knowing reality from fantasies, and easily getting the wool pulled over our eyes! With a climate strong in Piscean and Neptunian energies we are so capable of seeing the good in others, that we may feel the compassion and universal love pouring through us and into our life! For empaths or people who are sensitively connected to their feelings and the emotions of others, this is a time of caution and discernment to know the difference between what is yours, and what is not yours when dealing in the emotional and psychic domains of life... for the ocean currents can swiftly sweep you out to Sea before you even know what has happened to you!

Our star the Sun will conjoin with Neptune adding magnetism to these magical, confusing and otherworldly realms. Bringing a strong sense of psychic vision and experiences, a love for fantasy and dreaming, wishful thinking and the idealisation of a lover, or a dream.... These waters will run deeply with imagination evoking spirit longings and mermaids enticing us into their realms... where the death of one reality must sojourn the begin of the new.

The highlight over the last 18 months was with our hidden or denied addictions, and where we behave, act, believe and play-out old hidden subconscious narratives that kept us connected to the attachment of our pain body experiences. We have opened a window of opportunity to perceive and reflect upon the messages from the abyss, to recognize, claim and bring out of denial that which has kept us hostage in the realms of our own unknown undoings.... To pierce through the veil, and to see the reflection that is glimmering back at us with a compassion wider than the infinite galaxies above.

February 26th brings us the grand finale of these eclipse axis line with a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 8* of Pisces.... May the last 18 months have blessed you into deep awakening and profound inner mystic healing.

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