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Astrology News Webinar for week of March 6th with Maga!

Astrology News LIVE Q&A for the week of MARCH 6th with Maga! LIVE NOW! Planet Venus Retrogrades at 13* of Aries on March 4th bringing our experience of love closer to home, closer to our own hearts. A time to re-evaluate what love looks like and means to each one of us. Mercury, the messenger planet is active this month in Pisces by joining up with Neptune, our Sun and later in the month to Chiron. Information and communication are in mysterious and healing realms with the higher vibration of Pisces and Neptune. However, this alignment can also have us speaking with a trickster! Mars will Trine Saturn giving us ample positive fiery motivation to launch ourselves forward and with great success of manifestations through our diligence, commitments and in our respect towards discipline! Afterwards, planet Mars ingresses into stable, security measured, grounding and solid Taurus for a fantastic slowdown and fertilization process! This is harmoniously trined by a FULL MOON in Virgo... Thank you EARTH!

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