Full Moon Virgo 22* March 12th 2017

Pressurizing ourselves into our natural crystalline nature... Being here and now ever so present on Earth, in our body, and in our purpose. Living out life in the best version of our Self! This Full Moon in the sign of Virgo is a reminder of all our focused intentions of the last eighteen months as the eclipses and the north node of the moon passaged through the sign of our health, daily regime, diligent focus on details and solving problems and creating solutions; Virgo! The Full Moon Virgo brings our harvest to breast, where we offer our goods and service out to the world at large. Making the world a safer, more peaceful and abundant place for all to cherish. Peace and health are the main themes of this moon, creating longevity, calm and beautiful attention to detail. The cosmic skies at this time are asking us to slow down, consider our findings and take care of our young and our elderly. Deep connection to the sustenance of the Earth as our medicine, our home and our harvest to share.

This Full Moon on March 12th will illuminate the patterns of our choices in lifestyle, habit and health. Where regenerative healing powers of the body can facilitate a peaceful and calm mind, nourished, rested and alert! The rulership of Virgo is the planet Mercury who at the time of this Full Moon will be at 27* of Pisces and will have just conjoined Chiron at 24* of Pisces on March 11th.... Mercury is the messenger of the Gods and Chiron is where we are wounded spiritually, both as a collective species across the earth and individually in our own beingness.

Mercury always delivers the message and this time it has with it the energy, power and force-field of our Sun who is also in Pisces shining its luminescence onto the Moon across the chart! A few days after this Full Moon, our Sun will meet up with Chiron on March 15th, sealing the energy and closing this chapter as the Sun will completely illuminate the shadow of our wounding; Chiron in Pisces! Please take into consideration that these Chiron, Mercury and Sun energies are being squared to Saturn in Sagittarius, allowing truths and integrities to be the key to our salvation. Where energies of trickery or of disillusionment may have taken the hand and has written the script of days or weeks past. This is where we may have fallen into the downward spiral of old familiar devils; addictions, betrayal, denial, martyr, victim or deceit. We are now at a crossroad and Saturn in Sagittarius wants u