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Intuitive Healing with Maga

Intuitive Healing Session

Working with the chakra system and aura to facilitate the healing and clearing of congested energies in the energy bodies; physical, cognitive, subconscious, emotional & spiritual dimensions of Self.

This work can deeply transforms your life, habits, mental attitudes and life style. It is always suggested to continue this supportive care to yourself as you embark on re-charging at a cellular level, emotional level and psychic space!

As your energy field changes, your chakras (energy centers) begin to translate these changes into your environment as you experience the results of your internal-shift manifesting into your outer reality and environment. This healing work is an on-going transformation!

Symptoms are; a sense of heaviness being lifted right off of you, calmness, direct clear inner guidance, precognitive dreams, healing of illness, clarity in making life decisions, balanced energy, no emotional dramas!

Intuitive Healing Sessions are done by phone and recorded. The audio recording is then emailed to you for your continued listening discoveries! You have the choice between 60 or 90 minute sessions!

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