Mercury in Aries March 2017

Speak the Truth and Break the Spell Within ThySelf! With the messenger of the Gods; Mercury arriving in the sign of self-determination and straightforward ambitions, we can expect our mental capacities to become extra clear and direct during this passage. From March 3rd 2017 until April 1st, our wits, mental alertness and direct speech will dominate the scene! The communications are fiery, provocative and aimed with passion! This can be very creative and quick, with little room for thought or contemplation, so be cautious how you pronunciate your ideas out into the world! What is spoken cannot easily be retracted with these energies! Words are spoken prayers or curses! We will be granted with amazing powers of creation through our word and thoughts.

Equally, we will also be given insight that is both ambitious and spontaneous as well as instinctive! Just make sure to not get caught in the lines of fire where these passions become more sharp-tongued and aggressive where words are used as weapons. However, communications will be direct, straight forward and with little cushion for the sensitive egos. Used properly, many misunderstandings and vagueness of the last few weeks can be cleared up and resolved, quickly moved on from! There is an impatience to this energy of communication and information. It is important to remember to keep the lines of communication open as a two-way street! Otherwise the Aries energy will run with it and leave the other in the dust! Causing disconnect, isolation and egocentricitities.

Remember that Jupiter is still retrograde in Aries' opposite sign of Libra, where our relationships mirror back to us that which we cannot see about ourselves by our self. On March 18th Mercury will conjoin retrograde Venus at 9* of Aries. On the 23rd, Mercury will Square Pluto 18* (in Capricorn). On the 26th Mercury will Conjoin Uranus 23* and oppose Jupiter 22* (in Libra), and on the 29th, Mercury will trine Saturn 28* (in Sagittarius)... By April 1st, Mercury will ingress into the next sign of Taurus.