Mars in Taurus March 11th - April 21st

Mars in Taurus... Can see red, be overly determined and singularly bull-headed! Yes, in some instances this is a correct depiction of this power-duo. However... The Planet of personal power, drive, ambition and masculine sex appeal is wonderfully placed in the sign of the bull if you are ready to collaborate and conserve your energies for something very important. There is a no-none-sense attitude here that should not be messed with or ridiculed.

Taurus can demonstrate great patience, tolerance and pride, so it is not advisable to test their patience or their kindness. Manipulative tactics are rendered useless to these highly intelligent beauties. Their sense of style into the luxuries of daily and bodily comfort is their greatest aim in life! With great beauty, attractive powers and grace, the bull or taurus archetypes love their leasure, so do not try to change them! You cannot move or persuade a bull, unless you use food, touch and other sensual charms that entice the senses and increase the endorphin release response into their bloodstream!

The placement of Mars here in Taurus will easily awaken the powers of intimacy and love making, with a bit of a twist of intensity! This is endowed with the proven stamina in the value of the relationship, nothing fickle capture's Taurus' heart. The slow and steady, goal oriented and savoring appetites are the key to success here! And not only in the bedroom, but in business affairs as well.... Cautionary note here is that Taurus' ruler Venus in in Aries and is Retrograde.... Not a good time to invest in business or financial affairs, gambling in love or money is not advisable! They want and respect attaining both money and love through hard work, longevity, stamina... Something hard earned increases in value is a Taurus Mantra!

During this transit, it is best to use these energies to be in a straightforward