Mercury Meets Venus Retrograde in Aries!

Planet of Communication, information and knowledge has arrived and is meeting with planet of love, beauty, attractiveness and money; Venus on March 18th 2017. Venus however, is in her retrograde phase causing her energies to not be in her typically gracious flow. This is a day to pay attention to information.... your internal dialogue! You as a receiver of your personal private and possibly subconscious Intel!

Planet Mercury is known for its swiftness, mental acceleration and changeability! Mercy arrived in the sign of Aries on March 14th, bringing determination, mental sharpness and possible argumentative powers of the mind! Either way, our mental capacities right now and sharp, straight forward and able to initiate greatness!

As planet Mercury reaches retrograde Venus in our skies, we are reminded to be alert to Mercury's message being delivered straight to the heart of our shadow (Venus Retrograde). Whether this Intel comes directly from you and your own subconscious, or whether Mercury's message gets delivered to you through your relationship mirror, there is deep opportunity to be receiving a very important piece of information to directly pertains to you, your love, your money, your powers of attraction in life, your past love experience, your self-worth, your ability to know your own shadow...

The message is arriving! Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods is communicating with Venus retrograde, during her shadow journey into the underworld. In the sign of the self, the individual, the ego, the liberator, the initiator, the warrior, the survivor, the birth; Aries!