T-Square to Pluto: Sun+Venus(rx), Mercury+Uranus; Opposing Jupiter; Squares Pluto WEBINAR!

A powerful moment in great celebration for the hard release of the shadow realms as the SUN Conjoins Retrograde VENUS in our skies. This offers us the illumination of the wounding of our shadow that we have around our ability to completely love our self! (VENUS rx in Aries).... At the same time planet of communication and messages, Mercury aligns with Uranus in the outburst and release of unexpected insights, conversations and information revealed! This duo is opposing still retrograde JUPITEr sitting across the chart in Libra who is squaring exactly (for the second of three exact squares) to PLUTO .... Back in October/November of 2016, we saw the first square to PLUTO in Jupiter direct, now Jupiter is Retrograde and squaring off to PLUTO... what was an elephant in the room is now (hopefully) a mouse.... this will be experienced in regards to our relationships habits and default programing that we have released ourselves from as PLUTO revealed our own shadow therein. Where we refuse our own power and enie, suppress or damn it, we default its responsibility to others and then 'blame' them for it. Pluto squared by Jupiter has been showing us this exactly in our relationship dynamics and in our deep need to be liberated, free and genuinely authentic (Uranus in Aries)! There is also a FIRE TRINE between Uranus in Aries (conjoined by Mercury) to Saturn in Sagittarius... Integrity and being able to walk our talk in a crystallized way, embodying to the best of our ability our Higher Self expression into our 3D lives! Saturn is also slowing down for its retrograde cycle at the point of the Galactic Center. Declaring no more excuses, no more distractions! Not to mention Saturn's square to Chiron we have been experiencing all year since January and for the remainder of 2017.

Catch the LIVE WEBINAR this SUNDAY, MARCH 26th! Via YOUTUBE LINK! https://youtu.be/1rXMsHAgpes