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April's Astrology Month-Ahead Video Subscription Page!

Here is a quick breakdown for the month of April's Astrology Transits...

To discover the detailed forecasts, influencing your Sun Sign, your Ascended Sign & All 12 Signs, subscribe to the Month Ahead Video Subscription Page with access to all twelve of the Astrological Sign videos! Healing the shadow, guiding the way and keeping the Light Bright using the tool of astrology!

ASTROLOGY: April 2017 Astrology Videos Are Up for all 12 Signs! It's a packed Month that will mimic some of late January's influence as planet VENUS Retro digresses back into Pisces and connects with Chiron (The spiritual wounding in our collective subconscious). This was *awakened* in January as both VENUS and MARS passed over this very mysterious point in our skies. Did you allow yourself to go into the quicksand of the mystic realms since then (january-february) therefore allowing yourself to come face-to-face with the shadows of your own wounding that you may have been carrying for lifetimes (Neptune, South node, Chiron Pisces)?! If so; CONGRATULATIONS... Venus in her retrograde phase will see to it as she connects once again to Chiron, squaring SATURN in Sagittarius for a good redo-dose of truth & integrity! This month we also have planet SATURN in its retrograde cycle, before its final exit out of the sign of Sagittarius end of this year... Until then, get squeeky clean, crystalize your Higher Self into your walk... Walk your Talk! Saturn will continue to square off to Chiron the rest of this year, exposing our addictions to our excuses, stories, bullshit and blaming-gaming that we still pretend is valid! Saturn is asking us to get our shit together before it returs home in its own sign of CAPRICORN Jan 2018! Pow! Pow! It is completely up to us, our actions, our truth crystalized, our commitments, our hard work and raising the bar on ourselves! Check-Mate Yourself!

Our Star the SUN will oppose Jupiter, Square Pluto and Conjoin Uranus... WHAT?!?! End of March; Mercury (direct) did this, end of February; Mars did this... now the Sun and Mercury retros back over Uranus, and eventually Venus (direct June 2017)!

Planet MERCURY retrogrades April 10th at 4* Taurus. April 11th Full Moon in Libra conjoin JUPITER. Planet VENUS finally stations to go DIRECT mid April coming out of the Shadows of Love, where we have been wounded in love. Easy Peazy does it!

On April 20th, our SUN enters TAURUS with Mercury retro at 0*, Mars enters Gemini... Good for mental alertness, socializing, fast exchanges of ideas and communications!

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