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Sun on Uranus, Venus Direct on Chiron & Saturn Retrograde!

We are beginning to see the light through the veil of the shadow. This is the time and the place we have been preparing for since the beginning of this year of 2017. When in January both Venus and Mars touched and activated the subconscious realms in us all, where the inner child, the shadow and the wound live, breath and have power. Since january's wounding provocation, we have had time and opportunities in our own personal lives to see, touch and feel into that which is usually hidden, denied and suppressed. To bring the subconscious into awareness so that it too can heal, receive the love it needs, and come home to the a whole integrated being; you.

On April 15th, planet Venus will finally station to go direct at 26* of Pisces exactly where Chiron is. Venus went retrograde on March 4th at 13* of Aries and will once again reach this degree on May 18th; known as being *out of her shadow*. (For a full detailed description of Venus retrograde visit the blog here on my Blog Page.)

Our Star Sun has just passed over planet Uranus, only assisting the illumination through a possible jolt of lightning that strikes deep into your consciousness the Light of Truth where the shadow once prevailed. A deep awakening and release from the past is here! Where profound healing and understanding is reached, accepted and a turning of the tides, a change in the winds, a paradigm is self-realized..... This Sun Uranus alignment is opposed to retrograde Jupiter where we just finished the Full Moon in Libra last week!

Listen Up! ::: The Full Moon Jupiter exposed the elephant in the room, only this time it was to the self and how the self (Aries, Sun Uranus) is awakening to its own shadow enabling of external relational (Libra) dynamics. The awakening is within the nucleus of the shadow that has always been buried in the self. Only reflected externally. This is the *ah HA!* moment. If you've taken the plunge into the mystic realms since the cosmic provocation from back in January! This was Retro Venus' JOB! .... Square to now Retrograde Saturn.... on the Galactic Center.

The message; here is the message... "Did you get the message?!" That's the message!!! We have had the opportunity to receive a massive piece of the shadow and wounded child realm. Something that we could have been carrying in the luggage of our subconscious for lifetimes! Or not! This is entirely dependant on our own level of awareness and karma that we choose to confront in this lifetime or not. We are not about to come out of the operating room and into rehab for a few days to allow these energies to settle as the Sun comes into Taurus, and planet Mars ingresses into Gemini.

Catch me LIVE on Saturday Night LIVE WEBINAR where WE will be having our LIVE Q&A on this topic and astrological healing Crisis!

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