PLuto Retrograde April-Sept.

The GREAT DWARF PLANET; Pluto is now going retrograde in the night sky, at least it appears so from our earthly perspective... Pluto is known as the Lord of the Underworld; and he's not afraid of the dark! Where our deep emotional urges, survival instincts and our passions that quickly become obsessions along with the thirst and hunger for power over others will prevail from our subconscious during this transit.

The darker and ceedy part of human psychology will be awakened out of the depths of hiding, to be played out, to be exposed, to be purged and transmuted into the fires of the soul! Obsessions that surface at this time have always been hidden in motives, manipulations and seductress plays... Power hungry beasts and exoticaly driven passions may take you into the Dark Night of the Soul so that you may come face to face with your profound ultimate empowerment as you transmute darkness back to light.

At it's ultimate high vibration, this transit can release you from a lifelong attachment to addictions and obsessive behaviors. If you so choose to channel these energies in a way of purging the subconscious realms, confronting your darkness and knowing that the higher octave of this release is your liberation at a soul level! Yes, this is SOUL energies! Pluto is equally the Soul Energies as well as all that stands in the way of the Soul incarnating!

The SOUL is equal part darkness and light, this is how the Universe maintains its balance, where we can dance between the two polarities and ultimately unite them into oneness. We fear Darkness as equally as we fear Light. With Pluto there is no *inbetween*, no complasant emotions or vacillations. Pluto will burn, cut and ignite like a great cosmic lazer beam of Star energy right through the psyche of humans!