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May 2017 Month Ahead Video Broadcasts

May 2017 **VIDEO BROADCASTS** for each of THE 12 SIGNS are Here.... Bringing us much needed rest and comfort, beauty and pleasures!!! Planet VENUS (Planet of LOVE, BEAUTY & ATTRACTION) re-enters the sign of ARIES, once again being initiated into her new cycle and journey around the zodiac!

Here is what this Planet's re-birth means to you! While in ARIES, VENUS will also oppose JUPITER in RELATIONSHIPS and square off to POWER PLUTO before month's end. MERCURY, planet of COMMUNICATION, CONTRACTS and IDEAS is still retrograde and sitting on URANUS as it pivots DIRECT first week of the month and enters TAURUS mid-month where the SUN is already ILLUMINATING our GARDENS! We may be more protective of our resources and enjoying our comforts as the happy cow helps us all to slow down and recharge through the physical pleasures and sensual delights!

Happy Birthday to GEMINI"s as the SUN enters your SUN SIGN on the 21st of the month. We have a NEW MOON in GEMINI along with planet MARS..... Flirtations, options, distractions, opportunities, socializing, meanderings and gossip, as well as an acceleration of our mental faculties are on THE HIGH & ELECTRIC this month. FUN TIMES only to be followed by month's end with MARS in GEMINI opposing SATURN in SAGITTARIUS!!! You will have to eat your words!

SCORPIO FULL MOON will also kick in some intensities around our passions, hidden motives and desires as she sextiles PLUTO in Capricorn, that will trine TAURUS energies earlier on in the month.

To find out how this influences you and your SUN SIGN & RISING SIGN, Subscribe to my SUBSCRIPTION PAGE Link Here! and Stay Informed with Mama-Maga!!

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