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Mars in Gemini Opposes BLM & SATURN!

Where ignorance may have blinded you, Lilith the Black Madonna and her truth-bomb will illuminate your integrity and release you from the darkness that has kept you asleep for far too long....

Mars in Gemini is an antsy energy, impatient and quick witted along with a youthful flirtatious drive that will keep most bees buzzing alive! Go ahead and pollinate your mind with all ideas and their varieties... Explore the options of the latest social concoction... Feel the excitability and as your mind flutters, flirts and fickles!

By month's end, Mars will be at the doorsteps of Saturn, looking the great Lord of Time and Kamra straight in it's eye! It is a testing time for these bees buzzing in various velocities... The youthful playfulness of the social butterfly will quickly become trapped in its own chrysalis. This is a square to Chiron and the wounding that has caused our greatest awakenings!

Saturn is Retrograde and so now is not the time to swim upstream or to push down any doors that are closed. A beautiful time to follow the flow of grounded discernments and practical dreams. Saturn will retrograde through the summer squaring off to Chiron the entire remainder of the year. Stay in your integrity when pushed and pressurized, allowing the christalization of yourself.

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