Saturn Squares Chiron 2017

Lord of time and karma, planet Saturn, leaves us more mature and responsible for our free will choices and behaviors. Like children playing in the sandbox of time exploring our powers of manifestation through trial and error, as we are pushing our boundaries and pressing our luck against the external authorities! Until the day comes when we recognize our self as that authority, because we have become wiser today than we were 28, 14 or 7 years ago.... We personally understand the consequences of our actions and deeds, we know intrinsically that our actions must be in balance with Universal Law, and that we are not above this law but rather intrinsically a part of it through our third dimensional choices in behavior.

And so Saturn demands growth, respect for Law, responsibility for what and how we manifest, and Saturn is one of the Great Teachers in not allowing us to get away with murder! Everything is accounted for and with Saturn it is best to choose growth than to be thrown into the trenches of life karmas due to our own negligence or charleton ways. to 'checkmate yourself', 'rise to the occasion', 'step up to the plate and bat a homerun' are all Saturnian imprints.

On April 6th, Saturn stationed to do retrograde on the Galactic Center point of Sagittarius 28*, Saturn will be retrograde until August 26th at Sag 21* where it will station to go direct once again covering the Sagittarius degrees of 21*-28*, therefore now is a time of self authority adjustment. 'Checkmating' oneself!! To allow the Saturnian Law to be revealed to you regarding your current belief systems and truths! Question everything you have believed to be true, be patient as Saturn is the Lord of Time (Chronos) and in it's retrograde may cause time to slow down with what appears as travel obstacles, passport issues, karmic law that needs to be attended to first. Trust in the disciplinary tone of saturn; after all he is a great protector, only his craft is stern, and his delivery is unyielding.

All along, Saturn wi