Venus Squares Pluto Conjoins Uranus

On May 26th planet Venus will create a square to Pluto! In traditional astrology, this is not good! Squares are angles in the chart that prove difficult and challenging, like an animal being pushed back into a corner! The pressure is on! But when applied with consciousness and deliberate eye-opening curiosity and self transmutation..... oh, boy! can this be a game changer, a life turner and where once a sense of total dis-empowerment may have plague the vision, now a total death of the shadow of where we have not loved can be revealed as clearly as a soul tsunami comes crashing down and breaking apart all old constructs that were embedded deep in the psyche of humanity.

Venus Squaring Pluto will bring out powerful of the subconscious deep, dark and hidden urges, passions, obsessions and desires that have a power of their own. A darkness is revealed, a realm exposed, a force is unleashed.... and ultimately this darkness serves Light! The light of our transformation through the processes of death and rebirth! Where love is concerned, where your finances are concerned, where passions of survival, obsessions of a lover, the soul and the power therein is provoked! The ultimate transformation is underway... the eggshell is cracking, the yoke is exposed! The essence is freed in its most rawness!

Looking at this alignment from a higher perspective, we are given the soul opportunity to "be deeply loving our own self in our unyielding empowerment." We are able to merge 'the love of power' with 'the power of love', and this becomes our ticket out of this trap (square)! To be self-empowered in a powerfully loving way and to take the no-none-sense attitude towards the dark side of this configuration, is the opportunity to liberate, empower and deeply transform through the combined forces of divine love and soul power!