Mars Opposing Saturn

Well, here it is! The moment (at least one of them!) that we have been waiting for... Planet Mars is in exact opposition to the Great Teacher, Saturn! If you remember earlier back in the month, on May 8th when Mars opposed Black Moon Lilith in the sky!? We were being challenged by *Truth* as Mars whizzed through the sign of Gemini bringing many variables in our opportunities within our social affairs, neighborhoods and possible siblings, to the table. Some decisions were acted out on, communications delivered with creative finagling.

Later on in the month, by mid month, Mars was squaring off to Neptune turning much of the energies of communication into the double-talking salesmen archetype! The trickster was out! Confusion and indecisiveness where Neptune spoke to the intuition, and Mars spoke to the logical, quick witted, with little time for Neptune's evasive and imaginative sensabilities!

Now as we reach the end of the month of May, Mars speaks to us once again, but this time Saturn rules the process! Whatever journey Mars took while traveling through the sign of the Twins, will be brought to the table of karma! It's a toss-up! But definitely we will see, without a question-of-a-doubt where we hit the mark! Whether it be a dose of delivered limitations due to the possible responsibilities that may have been overlooked, scape-goated, or immaturely avoided. Or be it a dose of confirmation on the hard work and self-disciplined conduct over the possible temptations of evasive, impatient and ungrounded variables.

This karmic (Saturn) compilation of interactions ends the month with Mars squaring off to Chiron! Oops! There is definitely a sobering influence as we wrap it up and say goodby to Mars' influence into Gemini. Thankful for all the mental stimulations, bright ideas discovered, passionate discussions with others in be able to learn, absorb, gather and skim the surface of a handful of opportunities and dialogues!