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JUNE 2017 **AUDIO BROADCASTS** for each of THE 12 SIGNS We begin with Mars Opposing Saturn, where the effect of our causes is shown to us through either imposed limitation or self-mastery, this all depends on what actions we took in the last 5 weeks. With the Sun and now Mercury moving through Gemini, many options and variables have excited our thinking and plans! Mars enters Cancer to bring about deeper emotions that may surface from our past with our emotional needs and security being the main issue and expression. The full moon in Sagittarius is squeezed in between both Saturn and Black Moon Lilith; causing quite a stir in in *truth bombs*, integrity, Higher mind and a no-none-sense tolerance! Moon squares the wounded healer, Chiron to show us how far we have healed, or denied healing. Jupiter turns direct, and the green light is on for travel, foreign affairs and diplomacy. Sun arrives in Cancer where Mars has been heating up our emotions along with the arrival of Mercury... Much will need to be expressed, especially as the new moon in cancer exposes deeply held emotions and memories from our pasts. The month ends on a beautiful note as Venus in Taurus harmonizes with Pluto! The beauty and power of love. ~ Subscribe to the Month Ahead Channel! Say Informed!

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Light body Activation Roundtable Webinar: June 10th via Website!

4-Day Intensive: Anatomy Of Healing

Europe August WalkAbout & Intensive: Aug 5th

Pluto Roundtable Webinar: (Audio File)

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