Principles of L:ghtBody Act:vat:on RoundTable Web:nar with Maga!

Invitation to the L:ghtBody Act:vat:ion Web:nar with Mama-Maga!

Activating the Light Body as is taught in (AOH) Anatomy Of Healing reveals the shadow of the spaces in the aura that are functioning *below the table* or in the subconscious. Bringing our awareness to these areas is key! a great soul scavenger hunt... we go out in search of hidden treasures that are perhaps buried below the surface of denial, avoidance, blame, shame or guilt! Unearthing our precious jewels and reclaiming our empowerment and liberation of our light! This is the gift received in life from claiming the inner courage to travel such mysterious terrains of the soul, the body, emotions and spirit! Join this 2 hour Live Webinar Q&A!

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