Full Moon Sagittarius June 8th

Planet Saturn is about to be visited by a great Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 8th. Also in the moon will visit Black Moon Lilith right beforehand! The moon brings our emotions and energies to the forefront, Saturn and Black Moon Lilith combined can be experienced as a Cosmic Order of Higher Law that comes from truth. Meanwhile, planet Mercury has just arrived in it's *home* sign of Gemini, where planet mars has been buzzy buzzing through over the last several weeks and now The Sun shines on and its light is reflected for all of us to see!

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Who's the most honest, of them all? Afterall...

Honesty has its own policy!

To expand, we must first see...

Our own fallacis?!

Where we exaggerate, lie, story-tell, double-talk or gather excessive information that has zero to little use, it will be stopped! A line is being drawn in the sand; as this is what Saturn does best! ...But first it will be pushed! This is what Gemini with the Sun and its natural ruler, Mercury does best!

A *Higher Order Illumination* can very well be expressed at this full moon and the days to surround it. And yet, no one knows what the heck is going on! Cosmic Law can fall into becoming so stringent that an inflexibility is shouted-out, of which, ripples reach the Neptunean seashores. In its response, Neptune dissolves the manifested law, throws back an interception wave, before re-submerging into the subconscious depths of the eternal abyss.

Confusions, illusions, deceptions and perceptions.... are all,

in this time of great mass projection!

Good Luck!

A great Fire trine is bringing this full moon into the throws of Uranus where planet Venus is! We haven't seen notin' yet!

You can bet your Luck on it!

A Great awakening of declarations,

Within a masses inwardly shift,

Where once darkness prevailed!

Tables are turning, and our Lights are Burning!