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Jupiter Direct June 10th @ Libra 13* with a YOD in Late June!

On June 10th, The great Gas Giant of the solar system will finally appear (from earth's perspective) to station to go Direct. Planet Jupiter has been retrograde in Libra since February 6th in the sign and energies of significant relationships. During its retrograde passage, Jupiter has squared off to Power Pluto and opposed Turbulent Uranus. These aspects may have caused much personal and global evaluation, consideration and exposure around the people we choose to have in our life and why!

Some deeper relational dynamics that could have been out of balance for many years or unjust, unfair, power struggles, have by now received a much needed *course-correction* from the awakening of the true self (Uranus in Aries) and now with Jupiter having just finished it's reversal phase, has launches itself forward again! We can expect great opportunities in travels abroad, communications with foreigners or strangers, exploring and discussing plans and adventures, all with the sense of greater expansiveness and luck!

Relationships are the Key, with old relationships that have expired on their purpose, have easily dissolved themselves right out of your orbit! If so, a possible final "Au Revoir" may be the perfect launching pad for the next great relationship discovery! Especially with Jupiter in Trine to the Sun in Gemini and newly arrived communicative Mercury in Gemini; home of the debate, the scholar, the traveler, the inquisitor! With so much air energy, conversations may bring in a great Light, clearing and release of old energies who's time has come to be expressed, be released, be lifted far and beyond into freedom and expansion!

There is on June 10th a sextile and a very cooperative energy here from Jupiter to Black Moon Lilith sitting in Sagittarius 12*. Truths and the exposure of exaggerations, lies and double-talk is the key to the release of the old. Equally this is on the heels of the June 8th Full Moon in Sagittarius conjoined with Saturn (Read Up on the Full Moon Blog!)

Jupiter has been in an inconjunct to Neptune, and at the time of the shift, this has been a long-standing aspect (since late April, beginning of May until end of July) and will be compounded later in the month (June 20th) to a second inconjunct to Venus in Taurus. This will cause a loose (by one degree) Yod with Jupiter direct at Libra 13* acting as the *Finger of God* in the sky, with Neptune at 14* Pisces sextiles to Venus at 14* of Taurus!

Cautionary note.... Jupiter naturally rules the sign of Sagittarius where planet Saturn is. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 8th is conjoin Saturn. Often times with an excess of Sagittarius or Jupiter energies, we can very easily go Way Off The Top! Expanding a molehill into Mt Everest!!! Luckily with Saturn here, this will be halted and stopped! It is best to keep at least one foot securely on the earth (Venus Taurus) and to stretch up to the beyond (Jupiter Libra Direct) without loosing your footing! Otherwise that hotair balloon can easily sweep you off into never never land, causing a great mental and energetic hangover (Neptune Pisces)!

Lastly, on June 25th and the days leading up to this, planet Mars will create an exact square to Jupiter in Libra! Mars was first exactly in opposition to Jupiter in early-mid February, right before Mars conjoined with Uranus and squared off to Pluto. Mars is bringing passion and deeply held emotions to the surface for an all time shift in the emotional terrains of these powerful relational revelations! Major gears will shift from a very profound emotional truth! Only later at the beginning of July, July 2nd will Mars oppose Pluto! BANG! We will definitely be feeling this the last week of June! Be Careful!

For more detailed information on these energies for your sun sign and rising sign, please subscribe to the Month Ahead Subscription Page! Stay Informed!

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