5D Meditation Sneak peek into Holland Intensive Aug 5th

LISTEN HERE: Here is a sneak-peek for the 1-DAY INTENSIVE HOLLAND! 5-D Meditation from Day 1 of AOH June 2017~

Buy Your Tickets HERE for HOLLAND 1-DAY INTENSIVE !!!

Meet Mama-Maga in Europe! In person! Come Participate in this live one day gathering in the Netherland! Where the principles of Activating the Light Body, as taught in Anatomy Of Healing, will be discussed and demonstrated with plenty of time for Q&A from the participants with reflective dialogue. Also, a guided live 5D meditation into activating the three pearls (as taught in AOH) will be lead by Mama-Maga to be explored and experienced as a 'group consciousness' by all participants. We will be sitting together in a circle as a group, Maga will provide 1-on-1 healing and shadow revealing to participants with the necessary applied healing tools!

Meet Mama-Maga in Europe! Spend the day together and explore the hidden realms of consciousness, energy and power! Bringing more light to that which has been hidden.

Buy you tickets! and see you there!

Aug 5th

10:00 - 18:00

Location is:


Ruimte 311

Beekstraat 54

6001 GJ Weert, Netherlands.

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