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JULY 2017 ASTROLOGY FORECASTS 12 SIGNS ARE HERE! MONTH- AHEAD SUBSCRIPTION PAGE: The current Astrological and Energy Climate! Planet Mars and Pluto Oppose.... What does it mean!? Let's see how far we have come in relinquishing the temptations surrounding our carnal compulsions. How far have we withstood the empowerment and illuminations of our True Soul Light (Pluto), without shutting it down from the fear of its majesty and all-encompassing nature?!?! For to truly become the 'Free Hu-man Race', we must come to know the depth of darkness as well as the eternity of Light. Get ready for the explosion of the year! Planet mars has been traveling through the sign of Cancer since June 5th. This stirs the depths of the water basin where all has been laying and resting quietly. Deep passions around our emotional needs for safety, nurturance and security are being provoked! In the month of July, Mars will conclude its' transit through emotional sensitive and moody sign of Cancer. Our under bellie is being messed with, and although this lends itself to frustrations and irritations. it is best to use this as a wake-up call of deep proportion!

On June 30th that planet Mercury opposed Pluto in the sky, testing our expressions on how we handle negotiations and play the 'game' of emotional declaration and overindulgences into manipulative power dynamics of control and co-dependency, or if we stand in our empowerment, parent our self, and rise out of power struggles that drain, seduce and create unnecessary entanglements.

On July 3rd, planet Mars will oppose Pluto , soon to be mimicked by our Star; the Sun! But the story doesn't begin here! Mars arrived in its home sign of aries back on January 29th, 2017, initiating, as all planets do when entering the sign of aries, the New Cycle! To then on February 22nd creating the first quarter square to Pluto in Capricorn. But let's continue going back down memory lane to when Mars visited Pluto; taking us back to... (Click On Link!)

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