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A mega full moon approaches in the night sky with a powerful influencing factor: PLUTO! Let's go back in time to May 25th when planet Venus squared Pluto from the Sign of Aries bringing the first sign of eruptive chaos and the destruction of the tight grips we held on to.

On June 5th is when planet Mars ingressed the sign of Cancer to opposite Pluto in Capricorn later on, on July 3rd. We experienced a Cancer New Moon on June 24th as the Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury all traveling through the sign of; home and family, comfort foods and privacy, emotional securities and intimacy. Having brought these issues to our awareness where power dynamics and conflict bring timely and unavoidable profound inner and outer changes of transformation.

On June 10th, planet Jupiter stationed to finally go direct. Jupiter has had a familiar relationship to Pluto since last October 2016 with a total of three squares. In other words, the avoided, denied and oftentimes neglected elephant-in-the-room came out to play! Now we will soon see the last of these three Jupiter-Pluto squares towards the end of the summer. The lessons here were to *shift-by-exposing* the imbalances and injustices in relational dynamics that up until now may have been to profoundly hidden and buried into the subconscious to be acknowledged.

On June 25th Venus then trined the powerful planet Pluto; (remember on May 25th; Venus-Pluto square) now bringing about a change in the themes involving Loving-Power or Powerfully-Loving! This earth trine brought a solid quietness to regenerate and integrate the resource such as Love! Powerfully Loving with profound self-empowerment!

On June 30th Mercury opposed Pluto and now on July 3rd, Mars opposed Pluto, one day prior to the United States Fourth Of July birthday. Sit tight because on July 10th our star, the Sun will step right into this alignment in opposition to Pluto! With a FULL MOON in Capricorn one degree from Pluto on July 9th; let's be vey clear about this.... C.H.A.N.G.E. or die.

This FULL MOON is a POLITICAL MOON! of change and power destabilization. But let's look at the politics of our personal lives because these are times of profound INNER-SOUL-AWAKENING! Plutonian astrological energies are intended on darkness that leads us into the dark night of the soul themes form deep in our subconscious realms. knock knock.... Who's there???!! The Sun, the STAR is going to shine it's Light where 'Light Don't Shine'! Don't be afraid of the dark, we are seeing a side to our self, our world, our powers, that we up until now where simply not ready to see.... or deal with. It is Time!

Nothing that is REAL can ever be destroyed. Pluto will strip us all to our Soul. Allow this to become part of your greatest awakening! The snake skins are shedding BIG TIME! and you may feel yourself in the throws......

Catch this SATURDAY's LIVE YOUTUBE BROADCAST! Stay Tuned for August's Update on the Great American Solar Eclipse and its influence politically and in your personal lives!

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