Personal Planets At Playful Love!

If you are reading this, then you have survived and hopefully have thrived off of the recent Pluto Power Display of Inner Transformation! Now the focus moves to our personal planets who have also shifted gears. These energies are here for us to discover play and loudly express in it! The personal planets' influences have more of a tactile quality than the outer or social planets have and they (the inner personal planets) contribute more personally to the flavor of our unique and mundane personalities.

With planet Venus in the sign of Gemini from July 6th until August 1st, we can see quite a flare for the curious mind, with plenty of *love in the air* where fresh ideas, new conversations and the opportunity for the *flirtatious quick trip* or creative social events stir the mind into adventure! ...with a most beautiful sextile created this week to the energies of Mercury in Leo!

(*Venus will square Neptune, trine Jupiter and oppose both Black Moon Lilith and Saturn to then square Chiron all this month. Remember back to April 22nd - June 3rd; when planet Mars did this exact journey! What has developed since then?! Mars woke up deep ideas and opened up Pandora's box! Now Venus will pass over those ideas and activations.)

With Mercury in Leo now, The Universal powers of; expression, play, youth, and creative gusto are in on Full Force! Planet Mercury is in the sign of Leo from July 7th until July 26th and this is an opportunity to grab boldly, bravely and lovingly! You may feel an extra *lightness of air* where your creativity is growing. You may even surprise yourself!

Mercy in Leo is LOUD and the naturally self expressive energies of Leo are amplified where passion and courage meet logic and intimate space of interaction! There is a message here of COURAGE to LOVE and to Be Loved! The true child that sits inside the pure heart is the key to the innocence of our spirit; where sits our true creative potential, to manifest with Joy and Abundance a Life of Light!!

This Mercury in Leo is being sextiled from Venus in Gemini, only adding a beautiful intellectual breeze of a cool delight fueling the awakening fire of the Leo heart. Planet Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and in Leo, a youthfullness is found in the heart! With all our creative projects, love engagements and courage to play, be intimate and produce a life filled with laughter!

(*Mercury will sextile Jupiter, inconjunct both Neptune and Pluto and trine both Black Moon Lilith this month: A freshness in relationship opportunities where love and truth are key! Not a month to deceive or tell white lies... Many will fall in love this summer!)

Planet Mars still in Cancer about to enter (with the Sun) into Leo later on in the month of July! So, for now, Mars is still digging in deep where emotions run sometimes hidden or buried. Deep passions around family, home and emotional securities are awakening and rising to the surface! Observing and letting go to release the past, so that you can fully engage in the present moment; a place Now of powerfully creative newness! This can sizzle into a deep passion!

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