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NEW MOON LEO with MARS! JULY 23rd. & Mercury on North Node! *Pow! *Pow!

Are You Ready for this One!? On July 21st Planet MARS (The badass warrior, masculine side of sexuality, personal power and dominance!) is arriving in the sign ruled by our Star; the Sun! Yes, I'm speaking about the sign Leo. Every year on July 22nd, our Star who shines brightly in the center of our solar system arrives home in the sign of Leo. This year however, our Star is accompanied by planet Mars! There is going to be a lot of FIRE to CREATE with!

All That I can say is Watch Out! for some seriously dynamic passions and bold displays of love where your heart might just be jumping out of your chest about 5 feet in front of you! The creativity is going to be OFF THE CHARTS! Use this wisely! Where children are concerned, where freedom of expression in all forms, creative projects and a deep warmth that literally LIGHTS YOU UP! And Lights The WAY!

At the same time as the arrival of both our Star and of planet Mars into the sign of *ALL GREAT SHAKESPEAREAN THINGS*; Leo, planet MERCURY is also landing with the NORTH NODE in Leo!

There has not been, nor will there be (......well unless you count in the GREAT AMERICAN TOTAL SOLAR LEO ECLIPSE next Month........) a NEW MOON (new Beginnings) with this much power and LIGHT of LOVE, to creatively expression and dare I say... the possible total EGO MANIAC FEST! Each Sign of the zodiac and each planet has it's shadow side; just like we do down here on Earth. When it comes to LEO, make no mistake about it, although this sign can be extremely generous where loyalty is 'a must', Their pride, light and grandiosity can at times exceed their limit and overflow spectacularly into total EGO MANIACISM!

Ok, now that the shadow of dearly loving, powerful and courageous Leo has been expressed, let's get to what really matters!

Really what this New Moon is declaring for all of us and particularly where Leo is in your chart; is a fresh new start in all matters of the heart, art, love, play and romance! Yes! Romance! But it comes with a bit of a *Pow! *Pow!, thanks to MARS.

Please, let us use the MARS energy to MOVE THESE ENERGIES OUTWARDLY AND POSITIVELY! To create something beautiful beyond our wildest dreams! You can move mountains here, literally! Express away!! Use your heart to awaken your inner child and manifest greatness! Create the life you are proud of! With so much courage, glory and the promise of a beautiful masterpiece.... Hearts are going to *POP! ( Egos too, you've been forewarned!)

As well, on the 21st of July, 'messenger planet' Mercury delivers 'the goods' to the Karmic, or shall I say to the Dharmic North Node! LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART, Not with your Ego! and all will be a Magical Emo!

Seriously... the North Node in Astrology guarantees as Soul Evolution, but we have to want it, and we have to go for it! The North Node is something that we can and should attain through our own sheer Will & Determination. Be Proud of your desires! In other words, the North ode and its evolutionary promise does not land in our lap!

It is a time to express love and to do it boldly!

A time to express our creations, and to do it boldly!

A time to enjoy life and to do it boldly!

A time to remember our inner child, the innocence that lives in our hearts, and in our spirits and in our lives! It is the time to reconnect to the playful innocence glowing deeply within us, that this is our reconnect to Source and to the Ultimate Light of the Universe!

Be Brave!

Be Bold!

Be Love!


Stay Tuned for August's Update on the Great American Solar Eclipse and its influence politically and in your personal lives!

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