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Daily Download & Month Ahead Subscription Pages; Moved & Improved!

Thank you for your ongoing support here at; Astrology with a Twist!

One of our more popular features are the two Subscription Pages, where you receive ample, up-to-date and dynamic information on the current Astrology and Energy Forecasting... In assisting you to better understand how the language of the 'stars above' reflect their unique energies here on earth, and into our lives and relationships!

We are happy to announce that the two Subscription Pages have moved to an improved and more user-friendly platform for your viewing convenience!

Please join us at our new location and Stay Informed!

Mama-Maga delivers the knowledge and insight of astrology with a keen sense of perception, as well as humor, and with a seriousness to get to the bottom line; assisting in deep soul awakening and karma clearing!

Mama-Maga astrology forecasts are organically generated and NOT Computer Generated.

The Daily Download Subscription Page is a day-by-day energy download and interpretation of the cosmic climate for Soul growth and personal evolution. (Channel Release is Current).

The Month Ahead Subscription Page is an accurate and detailed breakdown of what you can expect for your specific Sun Sign (and all 12 Signs) for the Month Ahead! (Channel Release is July 29th - Available in Pre-Order.)

Thank You~


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