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Opening Meditation : Healer's Group : Eclipse Healing the Trauma

(Click Here ^ for Audio File.) Thank you~ Enjoy.

Opening meditation during the Monthly Healer's Group August. Focus is on the eclipse in Leo happening this Monday and how to navigate the healing potential that this eclipse window is offering us. The Leo eclipse allows us to recapture the essence of the playful innocence that the child expresses as he or she is co-creating directly from Source. Leo is ruled by the Star, our Sun, self-illuminating. Eclipses are generally times of great change where the Universes creates a type of Course Correction in our lives, relationships and beliefs. Be prepared to let go of the old way of 'something' that has taken front and center stage for far too long and who's time is expired. These changes are being initiated now at the time of this eclipse window August 7th - 21st, the effects however, will manifest in stages of 6 and 18 months from now. Transformation is inevitable.


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