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September 2017 Astrology Forecasts & The 12 Signs Subscription Page with Mama-Maga!

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September 2017 brings in a Mega Mystical FULL MOON in psychic, intuitive and 'other worldly' PISCES.... Conjoined with planet NEPTUNE for a truly out-of-this-world spiritual and potentially soul healing illumination! Sit tight and do keep your wits about you or you could get swept right out to see or be taken by the Sirens, never to be seen again! Luckily planet MARS will have just entered into the opposing side of the tides, ingressing into level headed and logical Virgo... Pheeew...!

Mid month we experience the NEW MOON in VIRGO accompanied by Mercury now direct, Mars and VENUS! But wait....! How did you handle Chiron's Attack earlier this year from January to April while personal planets and our Sun bombarded Chiron; our spiritual wounding that we hold as a collective subconsciously.

So.... this NEW MOON in Virgo will exactly oppose Chiron in Pisces, reflecting the inner process granted to us earlier this year of healing our wound by going deep into the mystical healing. FOLLOW MAMA-MAGA on the Vimeo Month Ahead Subscription Page & Stay Informed!! 😘 SEPTEMBER 2017 MONTH AHEAD VDEOS RELEASED AUGUST 31ST!!!!!

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