FULL MOON Pisces with NEPTUNE Sept 6th. The Miraculous and The Great Illusion.

FULL MOON in PISCES is a powerful mirror into the unseen and hidden realms of magical things and miraculous events. Pisces and Neptune are rulers of the 12th house where past lives, hidden forces and the subconscious powers of our spirits rule the domain of all things 'other-worldly'. Magical creatures with mystical messages are making their way through into this reality, revealing something truly mystical and potentially instantaneously healing!

The potent Full MOON will then pass over Chiron where since January we have had the opportunity to go into these mystic realms and do our mystic healing unearthing lifetimes of wounding that we may have held unconsciously at a collective level.

Thank goodness that planet MARS will arrive in VIRGO just in time to help us keep our wits about us! Allow the usually tension producing 'Mars in Virgo' to assist you into the mental tasks of DISCERNMENT of 'which Witch is which'....?! Which energies coming from the FULL Moon on Neptune are useful and good for you to keep as necessary parts of the grounding building blocks to your grand plan? And which energies, feelings and empathic vibes need to be released and evaporate back into the ethers. Planet MERCURY will now be DIRECT and ingress into VIRGO once again since its original retrograde back on August 13th.

Check out the Saturday Night Live Webinar Video on Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/Bqz2moQKaHE

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Much Love to you all!

The Tides of Change are upon us and much will be revealed during this full moon....


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