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NEW MOON VIRGO! on YouTube Tonight! Sat. Sept16th

NEW MOON in VIRGO where the Astronomical "Party" is at! .... with Mars, Mercury, the sun and Moon and Venus here in VIRGO we can rest assured that we are getting our sh*t done, and getting REAl about our situation!

VIRGO NEW MOON wants us to discern practically, as to keep that which serves YOU and is in SERVICE to the development of these times we are in now. What has the last FULL MOON IN PISCES (click here for Video) shown you about the level that your SUBCONSCIOUS opporates at?!

It is now time, with this NEW MOON in VIRGO to organize and get strategic about the message that has made its way from deep within your subconscious (Sept 6th 2017's FULL MOON PISCES on Planet NEPTUNE!)

An echo energy is here; reminding us of the energies that moved through in the year 2015 and half of 2016 when the nodal axis was in Pisces-Virgo and with a T-Square to SATURN in Sagittarius (early degrees), well now we have this energy once again and it is here to help us get more responsible in our natural law and higher mind achievements. With the current t-Square energy pointed at SATURN in Sagittarius 21* accompanied now by Black Moon Lilith also in Sagittarius.

With Virgo's ruling planet; Mercury in the mix, after having gone retrograde at 11* of Virgo back on August 13th, to reach the point of the Total Solar Eclipse of Leo 28* where it; Mercury stationed to go DIRECT on SEpt 5th and re-entered Virgo on Sept 26th! This has been a MEGA MERCURY RETROGRADE! Message delivered! Now time to Discern what is necessary from what is an illusion or the collective 'escape path' of the subconscious into the realms of nothingness. Planets Mars and Venus are also in the mix here in Virgo, bringing power and love for order-out-of-chaos resolve!

SATURN will leave sagittarius in December of this year to enter its home sign of Capricorn! This is where we get to APPLY through hard work and grounded measures our seeds of successes to come! Building the FOUNDATION of our NEW LIVES and conservative, goal oriented, practical, non-wasteful appreciation for our self-governing lessons applied realistically.

Catch Mama-Maga LIVE ON YOUTUBE! Tonight; Sept 16th 2017~

For more detailed information on these energies for your sun sign and rising sign, please subscribe to the... Month Ahead Subscription Page! Follow Maga on The Daily Download Subscription Page! Roundtable Webinars:



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