NEW MOON VIRGO! on YouTube Tonight! Sat. Sept16th

NEW MOON in VIRGO where the Astronomical "Party" is at! .... with Mars, Mercury, the sun and Moon and Venus here in VIRGO we can rest assured that we are getting our sh*t done, and getting REAl about our situation!

VIRGO NEW MOON wants us to discern practically, as to keep that which serves YOU and is in SERVICE to the development of these times we are in now. What has the last FULL MOON IN PISCES (click here for Video) shown you about the level that your SUBCONSCIOUS opporates at?!

It is now time, with this NEW MOON in VIRGO to organize and get strategic about the message that has made its way from deep within your subconscious (Sept 6th 2017's FULL MOON PISCES on Planet NEPTUNE!)

An echo energy is here; reminding us of the energies that moved through in the year 2015 and half of 2016 when the nodal axis was in Pisces-Virgo and with a T-Square to SATURN in Sagitta