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Jupiter Uranus Opposition & The 12 Signs! Saturday Night LIVE on YouTube!

Every Saturday Night we go LIVE On YouTube to discuss the current Astrology and Energy Forecasting. With specific attention to the monthly new & full moons and how this impacts our lives, relationships and choices!

This week however, we will be focusing on a very much awaited transit between two powerful forces in astrology; planets Uranus and Jupiter! This duo forms an opposition in the great sky; and brings to the surface; in not so subtle of a way, relational mirroring that literally has an explosive, liberating and lucky draw to it all! Jupiter is the planet of expansion, higher mind, luck and opportunity, while Uranus is the planet of chaos, paradigm shift, destruction and ultimately true liberation from the shackles, programing and social conditioning that the human race has been under for generation!

Lightning will strike! Where, How and what will it all result in....? Well, that depends on our attitudes, our hearts and our spirit!

We will go over how this mirroring affects each of the 12 signs!

Catch Mama-Maga on the LIVE YouTube Stream this Saturday Night and Stay informed!



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